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Honors Program at Takoma Park/Silver Spring

Honors Program at Takoma Park
Tutorials: Students can register for specific course topics which vary semester to semester.
Honors Courses: Students can take an Honors course with other Honors students.
Honors Modules: Students can take a regular course with other students and then complete a special project for the Honors Module.

The Takoma Park Scholars Program

Each fall or spring semester, 18 students are chosen and sign up for a 1 hour course that focuses on fundamentals of inquiry. Students are given a stipend to help defray the cost of the 1 hour course. In addition, they take other Honors courses that fit their Gen Ed requirements or degree programs.

1st Fall Semester:
HP101 Literature & Arts

1st Spring Semester:
HP102 Math & Natural Sciences

2nd Fall Semester:

HP103 Culture & History

2nd Spring Semester:
HP104 Behavior & Social Sciences
This program is for part or full-time students who wish to be part of a cohort group that takes certain Honors courses in common.