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The Ventura Valdez Poetry Contest
Poetry Contest for Any Montgomery College Student—Present or Past

Open to any current or past student of Montgomery College.

The contest was established by Robert L. Giron in 1987 for students who write poetry in English or Spanish as a way to honor the memory of his great-aunt Ventura Valdez who was instrumental in helping him gain his goals.

Each year winners receive a cash prize of $100.00 for the best poem written in English and Spanish.

The Ventura Valdez Poetry Contest Guidelines
Please print out and include with your entry.


Purpose: To encourage and promote excellence in the writing of poetry in English and Spanish by present and past students of Montgomery College. To honor the memory of Ventura Valdez, an American of Mexican descent, who was a gifted story teller and who encouraged literacy and excellence.

Entry Deadline: April 1, 2009
Presentation in Spring 2009: Cash Awards to Winning Entrants at Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus Awards Ceremony

Cash awards:
$100.00 for English Language Poem
$100.00 for Spanish Language Poem

Guidelines: (All entrants must submit the proper form or entries will not be accepted.)

1. The contest is open to all present and past Montgomery College students who write poetry in either English or Spanish; however, no entrant may win a language category more than twice. An English translation of an original foreign language poem is acceptable.

2. Each entrant is requested to provide his/her: name, address, telephone number, social security number, and the date of the most recent semester at Montgomery College, and the title(s) of the poem(s) entered on this entry form.

3.Each entry in either English or Spanish must be no more than 2 typed, double-spaced pages, on one side of the paper only, and the entry must not bear the entrant's name or any other form of identification.

4.Each entrant is limited to entering 2 poems in English and/or Spanish. Entrants should keep a copy of all entries as they will not be returned.

5. All entries must be postmarked by April 1, 2009.

6. Entries may be in any literary style, and there is no restriction on theme.

7. All entries will be judged by award committees, each composed of 3 professionals; all decisions will be final.

8. All poetry entered must be original and unpublished, and entrants shall indemnify and hold harmless the Award Committee and Montgomery College its trustees and employees, in the event of any claim or actual copyright infringement.

9. Entrants who submit Spanish language poems agree to provide an English translation of the Spanish poem(s) or allow the Award Committee to translate the poem(s) into English, so that an English translation of the winning poem can also be published.

10. The winning entrant shall agree upon consultation with the Award Committee to allow minimal editorial changes, if any item in question is determined to be unwarranted—i.e., a typographical or grammatical error.

11. The winning entrant upon receipt of the award shall relinquish First Serial Rights of the winning entry, so that the poem can be published in Montgomery College publications. After publication, All Rights will revert back to the poet.

12. The objective of the award is to promote excellence in the writing of poetry, and if for some reason not enough entries are received or if the Award Committees determine that there is not an outstanding entry in English and/or Spanish, then the award(s), at the sole discretion of the Award Committees, may not be awarded in 2009 but may be offered again in 2010.


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Date last attended MC: _______________

I have read and understand the guidelines for the Ventura Valdez Poetry Contest. I certify that the entry submitted is my own original work, and I further agree to abide by the guidelines stated for the contest.

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Professor Robert Giron
The Ventura Valdez Poetry Contest
Montgomery College-Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
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