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Montgomery College
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Department of English, Reading, Foreign Languages,
and the American English Language Program
Takoma Park / Silver Spring Campus

EN220 Film & Literature—Focus on the Short Story/Novella
Prof. Giron

This is a tentative schedule of activities.

You are expected to have read the short story or novella before you come to class.

Orientation to the course
Most videos/DVDs/films for this course will be placed on Reserve in the Library.

DVD—Citizen Kane (113 min)

Art of Film Series: Screenwriting; The Camera, Performance; Music and Sound; The Edited Image DVD—Duck Soup (68 min)

story—The Yellow Wallpaper

video—The Yellow Wallpaper (65 min)

novella—The Turn of the Screw

video—The Innocents (100 min)

story and video—The Worn Path (40 min)
Paper focused on a text is due.

novella—Heart of Darkness

DVD—Apocalypse Now (153 min)

novella—To Kill a Mockingbird

video—To Kill a Mockingbird (129 min)
Paper focused on a video/film is due.

the story—The Third Man

the video—The Third Man (104 min)

Honors Colloquium for Honors Option students

Student presentations: Smithsonian Project (info on reverse side)
Paper focused on a video/film and its text is due.
Journals are due.

Final Exam

Smithsonian Project:

During the semester, all students are expected to visit a museum of their choice at the Smithsonian Institution.

The purpose is to find a particular exhibit that deals with some aspect of this course. You may choose an exhibit that reflects a particular text or film from the syllabus or some topic or theme presented in any of these artistic media.

What you need to provide:

A 1 to 2 page, typed paper, on your project.

Include the following in a summary (introduction, body, conclusion) format:
Where did you go?
What did you see? Be sure to take notes while in the museum so you can include details.
Why did you go there?
What connection does the exhibit you saw have to this course?