Kevin McLellan

Winner of the 2016 Gival Press Oscar Wilde Award


i. Points of View

you noticed a shirtless
bro lean into another

bro / carefully rub sun

block onto his sinewy
back / but now the 135º

angle of the setting sun

elongating the shadows
of power lines onto

pavement / onto the

tanned sides of homo-
geneous beach houses

/ you miss the bros /

they left ages ago and
with sand on their backs

ii. Constructs

two house painters carry

a ladder / you notice a line
of parked cars and then

him between the rungs / his

pants sag / you see more
than the elastic to his purple

underwear / skin and the top

of buttocks / leaning on the
hood he stretches with a rag

and spray bottle / now the

windshield / you wonder if
he pays as close attention

to dirty dishes / to a partner

iii. Glares

the circumference of a water

glass / the area around eyes
you avoid when applying SPF30

/ the forgotten sunglasses yet

aware that you must engage
with the river / the cloud the

shape of a chicken claw / also

notice on the other side the
dense tree line / between your

foot and flip-flop a pebble you

duck-wag free / now squint
to make out a man’s lower back

-dimples as he kisses a woman

Copyright © 2016 by Kevin McLellan.

About the Author:
Kevin McLellan is the author of Tributary (Barrow Street); the chapbook Round Trip (Seven Kitchens), a collaborative series with numerous women poets; and the book arts project [box] (Letter [r] Press). McLellan won the 2015 Third Coast Poetry Prize, and his poems have appeared in journals including American Letters & Commentary, Colorado Review, Crazyhorse, Kenyon Review, West Branch, Western Humanities Review, Witness, and several others. He lives in Cambridge MA.