Sanbud Tehrani

Featured in ArLiJo Issue No. 88

Some Morning in Los Angeles

Pizza as a breakfast course cushioning vodka
You wonder at the chittering cat bells of last night’s cease-to-be
Doors to rooms you can’t see open and close with frightening presumption, no longer unglued, the light is slowly fixing its fishnet and garter belt
These taxi cabs in Jell-O packed fish bowls don’t particularly care about your raison d’etre
But then again neither do you saxophoning hot smog steam on some pitch for a sport as yet unseen
I haven’t yet learned how to score, but offsides? . . . yeah buddy.
I’m packaging paper peanuts with my yellowcards, there’s a keenness there that doesn’t speak the language of your hair when you wake up in the morning with a bitter belt halo
You’d better bet yourself for the over and under in this dusk-ended amusement park
Just don’t assume a receipt means a refund
There’s no way out but deeper down these stairs, Lon Chaney’s there, and you don’t know why
Why is just the remnant echoes of payphone pests and flipped flapped pogs
But there’s no slammer but what’s in you
No whys or I love yous really manage to make it past the first casting call
They’re just emotions that never learned to emote, worse wheat to wit when you realize you’re entourage, crops sustained by could-have-beens and limp snake sirens, you were your own worse plague but never managed to write down the prim proper pursuits you arked forbidden
You were made noncanonical a long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long long
time ago
So don’t bother blushing when you burp with those butterflies, there’s nothing in it anyway, no one started keeping score and your peace is your penalty (it’s too early to rest but now you revise a snore).

Copyright ©2016 by Sanbud Tehrani.

Sanbud Tehrani is a young Persian American poet based in Southern California with a taste for surrealist automatism. He has composed and released two compilations of his poems thus far and is the lazy vice president of a local Orange County poetry club. His most treasured writers are Graham Greene and Thomas Hardy.