Donald Trump’s Presidential Election
by Layth Jamal

The United States of America needs someone who has a clear understanding of how the economy works and how to improve it, and I believe Donald Trump is the perfect candidate for that role. Even though the US economy is steadily improving, it still needs more. The US is known for being the most powerful country on the planet, however, it is not number one financially. I believe Donald Trump can make that happen because he is a very successful businessman worldwide, and he has worked with all kinds of people and knows what the US needs to keep improving through its people.

Donald Trump, a worldwide businessman and owner of many companies worldwide, is one of the richest people on the planet, which is why he‘d make a great president because he knows how the world operates and knows what it takes to become successful. I believe he‘ll be able to provide the right opportunities for the people of this nation by creating more jobs and lowering the tax rate, if elected. Another reason he‘d make a great president is that he‘s obviously not in it for the money because he‘s got it in abundance, so it‘s true when he says he‘s intending to become president to bring this country to a number one status. Donald Trump is trying to give back to the US, the country that made him who he is, a country that can make people go from zero to hero, and Donald Trump is a perfect example of what this country can provide people if they work hard and pursue their goals.

Donald Trump has been both heavily criticized and praised by some people regarding his statements about immigration and the immigrants themselves. A lot of people are forgetting that Donald Trump is only addressing the illegal immigrants who are coming into the US and the ones who are living in the US illegally. Illegal immigrants come and work in the US without paying taxes so that‘s the reason Donald Trump is making such statements because how can a country like the US operate without tax revenue? Many people are praising Donald Trump because he‘s making valid statements about immigration in the US. One of the valid statements Donald Trump made was that this country needs to reduce the amount of immigrants coming into the US so the financial state of the Americans themselves can improve. The percentage of the unemployment rate in the US keeps rising because many immigrants are coming in and taking over the jobs that the citizens of America really need to improve their lives, even though some of these jobs might be farm work, cleaning, and construction.

In sum, the United States of America needs a person who knows how to do business and can improve its economy so it could compete with leading superpowers financially. Donald Trump is the perfect candidate for that role because he‘s a worldwide successful businessman who knows how the economy works and has worked with all different kinds of people, so he knows how they live and what they need. Donald Trump is also a self-made billionaire, so he‘s a perfect example of what people can become in this great nation if they work hard and pursue their goals.

Copyright ©2015 by Layth Jamal.

Layth Jamal, from Baghdad, Iraq, is a current student at Montgomery College in Takoma Park/Silver Spring and wants to pursue a doctorate degree in pharmacology.