Changming Yuan

Featured on ArLiJo Issue No. 74


supposing Darwin was right
it did take as long as one million years
before apes became what we are, gradually
and passively, with the help of our environment
however, with our own intelligence
and technology, we are going
to evolve into iHooyeaus suddenly and
actively, in a matter of just one generation
or two, a new species that will consume
lunar energy instead of sun-based foods
each living in a unique virtual
reality, where multiplication is achieved
sexlessly via logic rather than through
love, where each individual lifetime is
expended within a tiny chip

so, are you happy to be the last humans
or the earliest iHooyeaus?

Copyright © 2015 by Changming Yuan.


Instead of reaching deep
Into the ground, you hung all your roots
On your twigs in the wild open, trying
To absorb both air and light directly
As well as darkness and cold
Ready to connect to soil and water
Growing from a single tree into a huge forest

That’s your most deeply-rooted secret
The secret about growth

Copyright © 2015 by Changming Yuan.

Yuan Changming, an 8-time Pushcart nominee, is probably the world's most widely published poetry author who speaks Mandarin but writes in English. Tutoring and co-editing Poetry Pacific (with Allen Qing Yuan) in Vancouver, Canada, Yuan has poetry appearing in 989 literary publications in 31 countries, including Best Canadian Poetry, BestNewPoemsOnline, Cincinnati Review and Threepenny Review.