Richard Carr

Richard Carr is the author of Honey which won the 2007 Gival Press Poetry Award

Advance Praise:

"Honey is a tour de force. Comprised of 100 electrifying microsonnets, Richard Carr’s invention recalls Berryman’s Dreamsongs, for brilliance and wit, but is more readable. Open to any page: language and image startle and delight, like 'Einstein’s blown-fuse hairdo.' The whole sequence creates a narrative that becomes, like the Hapax Legomenon, a form that occurs only once in a literature."
—Barbara Louise Ungar, author of the award-winning collection The Origin of the Milky Way and final judge of the 2007 Gival Press Poetry Award


Richard Carr grew up in Blue Earth, Minnesota, and lives in Minneapolis. A former systems analyst, web designer, and tavern manager, he has taught writing and literature at several universities and community colleges. His other poetry collections are Street Portraits (The Backwaters Press), Ace (Word Works, winner of the Washington Prize), and Mister Martini (University of North Texas Press, winner of the Vassar Miller Prize). His chapbooks include Butterfly and Nothingness (Mudlark) and Letters from North Prospect (Frank Cat Press, winner of the Frank Cat Press Chapbook Competition).