Congratulations to Thaddeus Rutkowski whose ebook version of Guess and Check has won the 2018 eLit Bronze Book Award for Multicultural Fiction.

Congratulations to Tyler McMahon whose novel Dream of Another America has won the Bronze Award in the 2018 IPPY Competition for Multicultural Fiction.

Congratulations to Rochelle Distelheim of Highland Park, Illinois whose story titled More Cousin’s Club than Country has won the 2017 Gival Press Short Story Award, judged by Elaine C. Ray.

Congratulations to Teri Cross Davis whose book Haint (Gival Press, 2016) has been nominated for the Poets’ Prize.

Congratulations to Linwood D. Rumney whose book Abandoned Earth has placed as the Runner-Up in the Paris Book Festival-2017.

Congratulations to Robert Schirmer whose book Barrow’s Point received an Honorable Mention for Gay Fiction in the San Francisco Book Festival-2017.

Congratulations to C.M. Mayo of Mexico City who has won the 18th Gival Press Poetry Award for her ms titled Meteor which was chosen anonymously by last year's winner Linwood D. Rumney.

Congratulations to Teri Cross Davis whose book Haint has won the 2017 Ohioana Book Award for Poetry.

Congratulations to Stephanie Miller whose book Sexy Liberal! Of Me I Sing has been named a Finalist in the 2017 Golden Crown Literary Society (Goldie Award) for Creative Non-Fiction.

Congratulations to Robert Schirmer whose book Barrow's Point has placed in the 2016 Foreword INDIES Finalists for LGBT (Adult Fiction).

Congratulations to Linwood Rumney who was given a Creative Writing Fellowship from the American Antiquarian Society.

Congratulations to Robert Schirmer, Barrow’s Point, recently received a 2016 London Book Festival Honorable Mention.

Congratulations to Linwood D. Rumney Abandoned Earth: poems , recently received a 2016 New England Book Festival Honorable Mention.

New Release from Gival Press

Dream of Another America
Winner of the Gival Press Novel Award
by Tyler McMahon

Dream of Another America

“McMahon’s contribution to the body of immigrant literature is entrenched in questions of nationality, poverty, and family. He achieves a storytelling feat by creating an incredibly realistic narrative that is as poignant as it is breathtaking.”
—KIRKUS REVIEWS, December 11, 2017
Dream of Another America, Kirkus Review

Recent Releases from Gival Press


Guess and Check
   a creative nonfiction/memoir
   a Giron/Valdez Series for Unique Voices in Literature Book
   by Thaddeus Rutkowski

   “A stark, engrossing, Hemingway-esque portrait of a life spent in the    margins.”—Kirkus Reviews

   “ . . . tough and funny and touching and harrowing.”—John Barth

   Guess and Check

Barrow’s Point
Winner of the Gival Press Novel Award
by Robert Schirmer

“There’s a serial killer on the loose, and in the fishbowl setting of Robert Schirmer’s Barrow’s Point, ‘shadow selves’ of fear overtake the town’s residents. No one can be trusted. Schirmer peoples his remarkable book with characters conflicted by their own discordant passions and prejudices. The writing is sensuous, the plot unpredictable, and the upshot brilliantly captures the unease of our times.”
—Ann Cummins, author of Red Ant House and Yellowcake

Visit: Barrow’s Point

Abandoned Earth: poems
   Winner of the Gival Press Poetry Award
   by Linwood D. Rumney

   “In Abandoned Earth, Linwood Rumney creates a world both menacing and comforting at once. While wide-eyed with wonder at life’s sorrows, joys and mysteries, he maintains an understated tone that enables him to relate even the strangest events with a measured and convincing voice. This beautifully written collection contains what few books of poetry manage: high spirits, a keen eye and, above all, span embracing wisdom.”
—John Skoyles, Ploughshares Poetry Editor and author of Suddenly Its Evening: Selected Poems

   Visit: Abandoned Earth: poems

Sexy Liberal! Of Me I Sing
#1Best Seller in Political Humor

by Stephanie Miller

The top-selling political, humor, and memoir-ebook on Amazon is now available in paperback by popular demand!

Listen to the radio ad for Sexy Liberal! Of Me I Sing.

“Stephanie Miller is inspired! In this book, she has sewn together a patchwork of riotous, unique material that will have you in stitches. Sexy Liberal! is a great book with mind-expanding astuteness and side-splitting humor. Stephanie Miller is so wondrously witty and wise you will want to quote her. But, first, you must read her.”
—Lily Tomlin

Get it from or Barnes and

Visit Sexy Liberal! Of Me I Sing

Haint: poems
by Teri Ellen Cross Davis

Inaugural Publication in the Giron/Valdez Series for Unique Voices in Literature

“Teri Cross Davis has the courage to make this complex experience come to life, to address it, to let her readers know what it feels like, and to tell them she will go on, facing and giving life to a new level of understanding that is seldom addressed.”
—Myra Sklarew, author of Harmless

Haint is a book of life. Not a book of survival, though the poet survives, not a book of reckoning, though the poet comes to terms with many things. Haint is a book of choices, and witnessing. A book of learning the bodies territories, pleasures and sorrows. A book that constructs the irrepressible center of a soul, page by page, plank by plank. A book a reader will put down after reading and mutter yes to themselves, haunted.”—Cornelius Eady

Visit: Haint: poems

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