Congratulations to William Orem of Newton, Massachusetts whose novel Miss Lucy has won the 2018 Gival Press Novel Award, chosen anonymously by judge John Domini.

Congratulations to Joan G. Gurfield of Santa Monica, California whose short story The Resistance has won the 2018 Gival Press Short Story Award, chosen anonymously by judge Elaine C. Ray.

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Winner of the 18th Gival Press Poetry Award
by C.M. Mayo

“The narrative poems of Meteor are both funny and thoughtful, turning ordinary situations on their heads and capturing strange, surprising scenes.”
Foreword Reviews
Clarion Rating: 5 out of 5

Meteor pierces the psyche with a dazzling presence and otherworldly light. Mayo delights in the pleasures of language and the possibilities of imagination. By leveling a playfully skeptical voice that is wholly her own, she transforms the quotidian into the outlandish while making the bizarre seem familiar and inviting. Through her inexorable wit and endless inventiveness, Mayo crafts the most unusual work—a book that is both challenging and fun to read.”
—Linwood D. Rumney, judge and author of Abandoned Earth


Coming in Fall 2019 from Gival Press

Miss Lucy
Winner of the Gival Press Novel Award-2018
by William Orem

Advance Praise
“A master-chef’s layer-cake, Miss Lucy serves up delights for every taste. It’s got Gothic nightmares to make the skin crawl, illuminating portraits of 19th-Century Dublin and London, X-ray insights into the workings of money and class, deft appropriations from a sumptuous library (Oscar Wilde, anyone?), and above all the tormented humanity of its central figure, Bram Stoker, author of Dracula. William Orem dreams Stoker to life with terrific vividness and subtlety, fluent in all the languages of late Victorian society. The story may, over a single long night riddled with shadows, travel from bejeweled aristocrats at the theater to the reeking slums that allowed Jack the Ripper to flourish. It offers a vision at once perverse and transcendent, a miracle that eludes the crush of history—a tour de force.”
—John Domini, judge and author of A Tomb on the Periphery and MOVIEOLA!

Miss Lucy

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