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Therese (Zrihen) Dvir

Therese (Zrihen) Dvir

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A chapter entitled La Mort de Pepe / Death of Pepe, written in French and English, from Dvir's non-fiction book, Life Gates, is featured on ArLiJo.

Life Gates is the story of a young Jewish girl born and raised in Morocco in the late 1940’s. As the girl’s amazing life story unfolds, the reader is offered glimpses of the colorful heritage and lifestyle of the Jewish communities in Moroccan cities and particularly in Marrakech. Superstitions and values, innocence and corruption, equality and social snobbery, arranged marriages and intermarriage – the book opens up a complex society full of contradictions and fascinating, steadfast customs.


Therese (Zrihen) Dvir, an Israeli-Canadian citizen, was born in Morocco and is currently living in Israel. She wrote The Challenge: Dvir Eitan (Khakchourian) , a catalogue and biography in English and French, published by Promark of Canada. Her book The Hand of Divine Justice will be published by Barnhardt & Ashe Publishers next spring. She holds a degree in art and French literature.

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If you have Adobe Reader, click here to read Pepe's death.

If you have Adobe Reader, click here to read La mort de Pépé.